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                            Service Request #: 1-13504216191 Group Unpublished Works

Mail Certificate _________________________________________

Tommy Martin
601 N. Kirby St Hemet, CA 92545

 Priority:  Routine.  Application Date:   February 11, 2024

Note to C.O.: 

Correspondent ________________________________________

       Organization Name:  20GRIT

                              Name: Tommy Martin


                      Telephone: (209)300-2203

                         Address: 601 N. Kirby St. Hemet, CA 92545

Registration Number 


Copyright Registration for a Group of Unpublished Works

Registration issued pursuant to 37 C.F.R. § 202.4(c)

Title  ____________________________________________

                           Title of Group:  Lotion and 9 Other Unpublished Works

                             Content Title:  Lotion
                                                      Stick It
                                                      Stoping Grounds
                                                      The Edge Of A Frozen Heart 

                                                      Van Allen Belt

                                Wounded Horse 

                                                      Hold of for 30 sec 

                                                      Metal Brain


                         Year of Completion:  2023

Author ____________________________________________

                                                 Author:  Tommy Martin

                                  Author Created: Sound Recordings and Musical Works (with or without lyrics)

                           Work made for hire: No

                                            Citizen of: United States United States

                                       Domiciled in: United States

                                           Year Born: 1963

                                 Pseudonymous: Yes

Copyright Claimant ____________________________________________

                            Copyright Claimant:    Tommy Martin

Rights and Permissions

                            Organization Name: 20GRIT

                                                   Name: Tommy Martin


                                            Telephone: (209)300-2203

Certification ____________________________________________

                                                      Name: Tommy Martin

                                                        Date: February 11, 2024


                          Copyright Office notes: Regarding group registration: A group of unpublished works may be registered in the same administrative class under 202.4(c) if the following requirements have been met: 1) All the works must be unpublished; 2) the group may include up to ten works; 3) a title must be provided for each work; 4) all the works must be created by the same author or the same joint authors; 5) the authorship claimed in each work must be the same; and 6) the author and claimant for each work must be the same person or organization.this


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