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Jeff Jacobi

JEFF JACOBI – Vocalist ex - member Motley Crue

Jeff Jacobi from Sedona, Arizona started writing songs at early age, performing in bars writing songs from his life experience Influenced by many genres of good music plays and compose his music on guitar write lyrics and stories.

Exceptionally talented American artist come from broken family at early age. Ed McMahon from the Johnny Carson show wanted Jeff to be on star search Jeff refused.


Jeff at the age 17 went to music camp were he worked with Bobby McFerrin, Jan Tangine, and The Pointer Sister & 39:s Maria Muldaur also a keyboard player. Jeff had a recording contract with Mercury 2000 Polydor Records under the name Jeff Loren.


Jeff and Bobby McFerrin, wrote the song Don’t Worry Be Happy.


After meeting with Producer Paul Marceau, Jeff learned that everything is possible and that people really care.


Song* Berlin Moment* was broadcast in West Germany, when the Berlin Wall was coming down!


Jeff receives the greatest dignitary awards of presidents, tor the lyrics and music. NBC news, refuse to announce this to American public, the call that unsolicited news from President of Germany, France, Czechoslovakia and Belgium. Shame on the US Media!


Kevin Dubrow lead singer for the band Quiet Riot guitar player used to be in a band with Jeff Jacobi. Jeff said his name is Carlos, also George Lynch wanted Jeff Jacobi to be his singer, Jeff Jacobi was also in the band Motley Crew for a short time years ago.


Jeff Jacobi use to jam with this dude while he was recovering from an accident that almost killed him. Scott Huckabay


Scott has performed with such artist as Chicago, Steve Mores, Joe Satriani, Crosby Stills & Nash, Bonnie Raitt, Albert Lee, Buffy Saint-Marie, Shadowfax, Jackson Browne, John Trudell, Toni Childs, Sarah McLachian, Pierre Bensusan, Ram Das, Hapa, Bob Weir, Randy Hanson, and performed at various festivals, theaters, stadiums, and coffee houses across the U.S. AND THE REST OF THE WORLD


20GRIT CD Beyond Disorder self released 2005 by Tommy Martin, Engineered / Produced music written recorded the songs - Nothing Can Stop Me - Come Alive - Black Ashes - Heroin - Sunset Night - Papa - Round And Round - Beyond Disorder - Linda Jacky.


Tommy Martin finished the album with Vocalist Jeff Jacobi 2005


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