Criminals who tried out for the band 20GRIT

June 20, 2024

The Shilstone band, Glenn Shilstone messaged the band manager Janeen Bays last night told her Tommy Martin stole all the music.

He's doing it again

He didn't write any of the bands music.

He covered it

He said he was always the voice of 20GRIT

But he did not write any of Tommy Martin or the band 20GRIT music.

This guy has been harassing Tommy Martin for the last 15 years because he's no longer in the project and he won't let it go.

He is homeless in Santa Cruz

He loves just f****** with Tommy Martin

He's a meth addict and a thief he even robs his friends including Tommy Martin ex drummer's house.

He contacted another drummer friend of Tommy Martin who is a school teacher and posted on the school teacher Facebook page saying the school teacher is a CHILD MOLESTER for all his students to read.

Tommy Martin is now having to go get restraining order on he

Because he keeps contacting Tommy Martin's people with his lies and there's something clearly wrong with him.

Text message from he who is Glenn Shilstone who wrote to Tommy Martin in 2015

Hey punk ass fagot, you’re a two faced shit talking Wiesel who’s gonna get served up proper just wait and see mother fucker I'm gonna have to politely say no thank you. I am too busy trying to survive and do my own project in which Mark is playing Bass as a favor. That takes up all of my time and energy now. We are getting ready to record and I am getting a monthly rental for our gear on the 1st of May. So I'm stoked. Your music is kick ass but it’s not mine. Sincerely, G. Shilstone.

The Shilstone band, Glenn Shilstone stoled all the music equipment from 

Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios

118 Coral St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 425-7277


GLENN SHILSTONE was so disgruntled because he got caught by copyright laws on facebook and youtube, he took one of Tommy Martin songs with out permission and played acoustic guitar and sang over Tommy Martin copyrighted song, and tried to change the melody youtube gave Glenn Shilstone 2 strikes one more strike his youtube account will be permanently removed and over the years he is contacting Tommy Martin's people telling them lies saying Tommy Martin stole all the songs.




Date: 2018/12/03

Age/D.O.B.: 1959-05-26

Location: Santa Cruz, cA

Mug ID#: 2647647