Texas-based station Krave Rock is looking to have their songs included on their 24/7 commercial free playlists. Krave Rock is seeking rock, alternative, and metal bands to feature on its commercial and talk free playlists.

About the Station

Krave Rock is an award-winning hard rock radio station digitally broadcasting worldwide from Dallas, Texas. Since 2011, Krave has centered on finding amazing talent and have been among the first radio stations to play many current charting and touring bands today. As an independent rock radio station, Krave prides itself on discovering today’s up and coming to fully integrate their playlists with signed and unsigned artists to create a unique listening experience for a worldwide audience.


AntiFragile Music is conducting A&R research to identify potential for its roster. BandLab and the A&R team at AntiFragile Music will collaborate to review all submissions.

AntiFragile Music is a curator label and distributor for what they believe are select, culturally distinguished independent music artists. AntiFragile Music is committed to educating and inspiring music creators and their teams, and to disrupting established models of label and distribution for streaming and consumption.

About AntiFragile Music

AntiFragile Music was originated in 2017 by Tom Sarig, a Grammy-winning and Juno-winning music and film business veteran of over two decades who has played a central role nurturing and helping several important & acclaimed music artists achieve breakthrough success and sell millions of records, either as their manager or in a label/A&R capacity, and in genres ranging from electronic to rock, pop to hip hop.

Alongside launching AntiFragile, Tom has run Esther Creative Group since 2004, an artist management company and brand consultancy which has managed the careers of artists such as Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Violent Femmes, Miranda Cosgrove, Rickie Lee Jones, CAKE, Jamie Lidell, Twin Atlantic, The Gaslight Anthem, Kishi Bashi, Bebel Gilberto, Os Mutantes, She Wants Revenge, Electric Youth, Brian Fallon, Against Me!, The Drums, Blonde Redhead, Le Tigre, Prefuse 73, and many others.

For the 11 years prior to starting the management consultancy Esther Creative Group, Tom served as a Grammy-winning Senior A&R executive at various major labels including Universal Records, Arista Records, MCA Records, A&M Records, and TVT Records, shepherding the creative process of recording and visuals project development for many of the most important cultural acts of the day, working closely with The Roots, Nine Inch Nails, Damien Rice, Erykah Badu, Blink-182, Sevendust, Gil Scott-Heron, Annie Lennox, Mos Def, Imogen Heap, Dj Shadow, Sarah McLachlan, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Ministry, Sammy Hagar, The Specials, Autechre, and so many others.

Tom’s current content venture AntiFragile Music was established as a hopeful effort of collaboration and transparency for important cultural music artists in today’s music landscape. We are a curator label and distributor for what we believe are select, culturally distinguished independent music artists. We are a reaction against some of the established big labels who are not doing enough for artists anymore — and are not transparent about their royalty payment process or formula. AntiFragile Music is committed to educating and inspiring music creators and their managers, and to disrupting established models of label and distribution for streaming and consumption of music. It is our goal and focus to help the artist tell their unique story to the world, and we partner with our artists and their respective team to develop and execute a sophisticated marketing plan unique to them, which will in turn drive the building of a devoted fanbase which can have enduring longevity for the artist. In today’s streaming environment, we believe there are some remarkable acts who simply need good marketing infrastructure and team to partner in building breakthrough major success.

AntiFragile employs a full marketing staff in-house team based in the US and UK, such that we are able to provide significant marketing for our artists’ music — including pitching for Spotify/Apple Music playlists, Publicity/Press, Radio Promotion, and Online Marketing. AntiFragile is established as a full service record label and retail marketing & distribution solution which is committed to marketing and building artists to tens of millions of streams. We are constantly innovating and challenging ourselves and the norms to be on the cutting edge of marketing methods and be the best at what we do. We believe that deal structure at record labels has been broken for a long time, and so we offer artist-friendly deals — that is, short-term, record license profit-split deals. We also run a publishing administration company through our partners Kobalt for the last 12 years, and we are doing non-ownership short term administration publishing deals with some of our artists, and providing a focused effort in terms of pitching for Film & TV Synch opportunities.

AntiFragile’s name is inspired by the brilliant book by Nassem Nicholas Taleb “Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder”. AntiFragile offers a definitive solution: how to gain from disorder and chaos while being protected from fragilities and adverse events. The “antifragile” is actually beyond strong, because it actually benefits from shocks, uncertainty, and stressors, just as human bones get stronger when subjected to stress and tension. The antifragile needs disorder in order to survive and flourish. We at AntiFragile Music aim to help artists benefit from the disorder and chaos they face in the music marketplace today — we help them thrive in it.

Note: Do not contact anyone directly at the record label. Doing so will disqualify you from consideration.



360® is an award-winning culture publication with a global footprint across all formats. 360 MAG podcast is seeking up to feature with a possibility of editorial inclusion inside the magazine’s print/tablet edition. The selected artist will also receive the magazine’s social media reinforcement, along with their tour dates listed on the site and possible appearance opportunities. Previous entities to grace the cover/pages of 360 MAGAZINE: Rapper Eve, Steve Aoki, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, Abby-Lynn ‘Absolutely’ Keen, Young Dylan, Swedish House Mafia, Tyga, Beyoncé, Zedd, David Guetta, Sebastián Yatra and The Who.

About 360

360®, a registered trademark, is a lifestyle journal for energetic enterprisers, reporting on eco-conscious design, innovation, and sustainable fashion. Our brigade of initiators consistently collects intelligence from insiders as well as empirical exploration, ranging from astronautics to micromobility. Our QR-coded trade books are available on bn.com and amazon.com. At present, the marque is steered by mixed media artist and celebrity photographer Vaughn Lowery


20GRIT Chart-Topping Artists (Come Alive)


20GRIT- New Rock Music (Paper Airplane)




MRG Recordings is conducting A&R research to identify potential artists to add to its roster. The label is looking for exciting new artists covering all genres of music.

About the Label

MRG Recordings is an independent record label located in Los Angeles, California. The label’s roster has grown over the years with an impressive catalog of international artists that include Marika Takeuchi, Big Eagle, Rick Monroe, The May Fire, Paula Frazer, and Alpine Decline.

Note: Do not contact anyone directly at the record label. Doing so will disqualify you from consideration.



KeyLine Mag is offering up to ten (10) feature slots in multiple upcoming issues of KeyLine Mag. The selected artists will additionally be promoted on KeyLine Mag’s social media accounts. And ten (10) additional artists will be featured on KeyLine Mag’s blog write-ups.

Previous issues of KeyLine Mag have featured acts such as actress Darcy Donnovan, Tech N9ne, Alan Turner, Comedian AJ Johnson, We The Best Music Group (Steph Lecor), American Idols (Issiah Grass), and legendary wrestlers (Marshall and Ross Von Erich) to name a few.

About KeyLine Mag

KeyLine Mag started in 2013 and strives to balance their magazine by featuring both national/independent artists and businesses. KeyLine believes in the arts and the culture of it. We strive to feature all genres of music and a broad range of art and creativity. A huge factor that makes KeyLine Mag unique is their love for broadcasting the unknown through a triple-marketing factor that most magazines don’t offer. KeyLine Mag offers magazine placement, blog write-ups, social media promotion, and even merchandise deals for artists.



Elicit Magazine, a blog dedicated to up-and-coming musicians, is looking to feature two (2) artists on its site. Selected artists will receive a dedicated write-up telling their story of how they got started in music and will be featured alongside some of the most well-known musicians today.

About the Publication

Elicit Magazine is an online magazine based out of Buffalo, NY, that features up-and-coming musicians around the world.

The magazine is interested in the singers and songwriters who are so passionate about what they do, that no matter what, they will always be a music artist. They’re looking for people who have a dream to succeed, to persevere through the rejection letters and phone calls from the record labels that they wanted to be apart of the most.

The team at Elicit Magazine wants to get your name out there for you. All they ask is that you keep doing what you’re doing, and when the day comes that you are on the stage winning a GRAMMY® for not just one single, but your entire album, remember Elicit Magazine, someone who did everything in their power to make that dream come true.


Breakpoint Booking is conducting A&R research to identify potential artists for their diverse and growing roster.

Breakpoint Booking has worked with a range of emerging and noteworthy artists including the likes of Tank & The Bangas, Lost Dog Street Band, Benny The Butcher, Chance McCoy, Keke Palmer, K Camp, The Pharcyde, Slum Village, Dead Prez, Sy Smith, and Janet Jackson.

About Breakpoint Booking

Breakpoint Booking is a boutique talent agency representing developing, “breaking,” and established talent in music and comedy. We are an artist first agency, an extension of ‘the team’ working directly with artists and/or their representation to grow their live business.



DHL FAST-TRACK Sessions 2024 is looking to select three (3) emerging artists to receive the ultimate recording experience at Abbey Road Studios, with the help of gold-selling record producer Hannah V, Abbey Road’s engineers, and GRAMMY®-nominated DJ trio Meduza.

Selected artists will receive:

Submission Requirements

Additional Details


DHL FAST-TRACK is a music programme created in partnership with Universal Music Group and Abbey Road Studios, aimed at shining the spotlight on exceptional artists from around the world and fast-tracking their rise to global success. DHL is keen to support the most exciting emerging artists by accelerating their local-to-global journeys, connecting their talents with audiences worldwide, and creating unforgettable music moments.

About Meduza

In the space of two years, Meduza have become the biggest global streaming Italian artists in the country’s history. They have led the charge in returning house music to the masses, with their signature sounds and sonics captivating audiences worldwide. They bring a vast knowledge of production, songwriting, and industry insight, making them the perfect mentors for DHL FAST-TRACK Sessions 2024.

Submit Now



20GRIT. You've been personally selected for our upcoming “Chart-Topping Palm Springs Artists” Promoted Playlist! Only select artists receive this invitation, so give yourself some props and claim your exclusive playlist slot now.

Your song will be promoted through carefully-crafted Facebook and Instagram ads that target Palm Springs fans interested in your style of music.

The Promoted Playlist campaign will go live on April 5, 2024 and run for one week. 


Digital DJ Pool is looking to provide up to five (5) artists with a month-long Respin campaign courtesy of Digital DJ Pool. These campaigns provide an artist’s songs 3x the visibility to Digital DJ Pool’s worldwide network of DJs.

About Digital DJ Pool

Digital DJ Pool is the world’s first digital record pool, helping labels, artists and managers to promote their music by submitting it directly to DJs and radio stations worldwide. Unlike other sites, our users are all DJs who collectively reach hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world, via FM radio and clubs in over 300 countries around the world. With Digital DJ Pool your music will reach over 10,000 DJs and over 300 FM Radio stations in over 150 countries around the world.


fierce panda Records is conducting A&R research to identify potential Artists for its roster. The A&R team at fierce panda will collaborate to review submissions. fierce panda’s current roster includes Desperate Journalist, China Bears, Italia 90, Scrounge, Enjoyable Listens, among many others.

About the Label

Since 1994, fierce panda has released early singles and pivotal albums by Coldplay, Surfer Blood, Placebo, The Walkmen, Keane, Idlewild, Death Cab For Cutie, The Maccabees, and dozens more. After 25 years in the business the panda continues to roar. Gently.


Hopscotch Music Festival is looking to select two (2) artists to perform during the 3-day festival, which see’s over 25,000 attendees each year.

Current 2024 Hopscotch Lineup

Coming soon!

About The Festival

Celebrating its 14th anniversary this year, Hopscotch Music Festival is praised for being “the premier experimental and underground festival in America.” The festival boasts an array of artists from every musical genre imaginable, and remains a beacon of diversity and inclusivity year after year. From its outdoor stages at City Plaza and Moore Square to intimate club shows, Hopscotch promises a unique and adventurous festival experience, all in the vibrant heart of downtown Raleigh.


Old World New World are conducting A&R research to identify potential artists for its roster. BandLab and the A&R team at Old World – New World will collaborate to review all submissions.

About Old World – New World

Based on building and maintaining Artist careers, Old World – New World places emphasis on the realisation of the artists’ vision. A cross genre company – from house music to Rock n Roll, and everything in between.

In the alternative corner of each genre this new record label is established to offer a launchpad for release and aims to deliver results straight from the grass roots.

Founders Matt and Walt have worked with alternative artists at all levels, building successful businesses through touring, records and publishing. Both have a keen understanding of the industry globally and are continuously adapting with the times.


Independent punk crossover label Manic Kat Records are researching artists to expand its roster. The label is looking for promising artists and bands in the genres of pop-punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, emo, and metal core.

About the Label

Manic Kat Records is a full-service entity that handles nearly every aspect of an artist’s release including, but not limited to:

Manic Kat Records works closely with its bands every step of the way to help make their music everything it can be and more. In an industry that models itself off of major record labels, which signs musicians based on “hits,” Manic Kat aims to create an environment for its artists to grow and develop into the best musical versions of themselves. Manic Kat’s bands and staff members work side-by-side in order to create a fun-loving, hard-working, and unified atmosphere, allowing the label to create high-quality recordings. Manic Kat’s artists know that the label is dedicated to delivering nothing but its best.


Bark Back Benefit is interested in booking up to 10 artists for its 9th annual festival that takes place in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. 2024’s Bark Back Benefit 9 will feature mutliple bands and artists ranging from the Southeast’s local favorites to national touring acts. Compensation will be negotiated directly with each selected artist. Each performing artist will be given passes for the event as well as complimentary food and beverage. Bark Back will provide full production and backline on both stages.

About the Festival

Bark Back Benefit 9 is a full-day music festival that began eight years ago as a fundraiser for animals in need. This year’s festival will be held at Lake Worth Beach’s largest amphitheater and outdoor venue, with incredible audiences, art vendors, a food truck alley, and of course, dogs. All proceeds benefit the homeless and unwanted animals of South Florida and the Bahamas.


Bless Up Records is looking to identify and connect with up-and-coming artists for a full-single release. The label aims to provide selected artists with high touch development and support ranging from music production & arrangement, mixing & mastering, marketing materials, and career guidance. Genres of interest include Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, Singer-Songwriter, DJ, and Indie.

About Bless Up Records

Bless Up Records is an independent record company established in 2017. Specializing in procuring international talents and developing them, Bless Up Records has artist development programs all over the world. Bless Up Records discover musicians with potential and build them from the ground up, teaching them about the music business and how to succeed independently while also helping with the creative process. All Bless Up artists maintain creative control and have full ownership of their music. Bless Up Records is a company by artists for artists.


The Strange Brew, a site that has interviewed Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, GRAMMY® Award winners, and BRIT Award winners, is looking to select one (1) artist to be featured on its website in the form of a written Q&A. Recent artists featured include Don McLean, Tony Banks (Genesis), Woody Woodmansey (David Bowie), and James Williamson (Iggy Pop and The Stooges).

About the Promoter

The Strange Brew highlights particular themes in British rock music from the mid-1960s to the present day. Music giants rub shoulders on an equal footing with cult groups to present a balanced picture of the music scene then and now. Groups who take their inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s are particularly at home on The Strange Brew


The Beat 99.9 FM are collaborating to identify two (2) artists to be a part of The Beat’s airplay rotation for one month as a Fresh Beats Artist. Genres of interest include pop, R&B, soul, indie, DJ, hip-hop/rap, singer-songwriter, and World.

About the Station

The Beat 99.9 FM is a Lagos-based English-speaking radio station centered on urban music, information, and the Nigerian entertainment industry. The station started broadcasting on September 9th, 2009 and features internet radio service and Beat TV on Youtube. The Beat 99.9FM was the first African radio station to get verified on Twitter.


With acclaimed producer and composer Aries The Producer (Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi Vert, Pooh Shiesty, Gunplay, TLE Cinco, Kidd Kidd, Goldenboy Countup, Bankroll Freddie, and more) will collaborate to select one (1) artist to receive complimentary from Aries for a song nearing completion. 

About Aries The Producer

Aries The Producer is a producer, composer, RIAA Gold tracking and mixing engineer from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently based in South Carolina, He first started to gain recognition for getting his songs placed on Ebro’s Apple Music Radio Show and Issa Rae’s HBO MAX show “Rap Sh!T” Starting off his mixing career at Glowstreet Studios back in 2018, he also engineered on Pooh Shiesty’s album Shiesty Season: Certified and Megan Thee Stallion’s Gold album Traumazine in 2022.


Grammy winning mixer and engineer Joe Visciano (Beck, The Arcs, Mark Ronson, Frank Ocean, Lil Nas X, Action Bronson, Foy Vance, and more) will collaborate to select one (1) artist to receive complimentary Pro feed back from Joe for a song nearing completion. 

About Joe Visciano

Joe Visciano is a Grammy-winning mixing and audio engineer based in Brooklyn. New York. He got his start at Electric Lady Studios as a mix assistant, working on albums for Adele, David Bowie, Arcade Fire, and Jamie XX. Visciano has also engineered on albums for artists such as Beck, Mark Ronson, Coldplay, and Frank Ocean. More recently, he has mixed on tracks for Lil Nas X, Sza, Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, SYML, and Lake Street Dive.


Award winning producer Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, Margaret Cho, Mother Mother, An Horse, La Gusana Ciega, and more) will collaborate to select one (1) artist to receive complimentary from Howard for a song nearing completion. provides unique access to critical guidance for artists seeking to make their songs and mixes even better.

About Howard Redekopp

Howard Redekopp is a Juno–winning producer, mixer, writer, musician, and engineer based on the West Coast of Canada. He has produced and mixed critically acclaimed recordings for Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother, The New Pornographers, La Gusana Ciega, and Margaret Cho. Howard’s work has been nominated for two Grammy awards, and a Latin Grammy.


AWAL is collaborating with BandLab to conduct A&R research to identify three (3) artists to extend an exclusive invite to its Core Program.

About AWAL

AWAL offers a modern approach to the traditional recording business, providing artists all the resources and expertise of a global label, while allowing them to retain ownership and control of their music. With local offices around the world, AWAL’s services include global marketing and creative services, A&R, playlist and radio promotion, publicity, synch and brand partnerships, and access to real-time comprehensive music data and insights.

With a mission to partner with independent artists to tell stories that shape culture, AWAL’s diverse roster ranges from rising artists to globally renowned acts, including Little Simz, JVKE, Tom Misch, Laufey, deadmau5/kx5, Disclosure, JPEGMAFIA, Maddie Zahm, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Young the Giant, SBTRKT, Jungle, and more. AWAL also helped launch the careers of an impressive roster of alumni including Steve Lacy, Rex Orange County, FINNEAS, Lauv, girl in red, Lizzy McAlpine, Kim Petras, and Lil Peep, among others. For further information on AWAL, please visit awal or connect on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Note: Do not contact anyone directly at AWAL directly. Doing so will disqualify you from consideration.


The Music Insight Column (The MIC) provides a space to discuss local, independent, and emerging artists as well as professional services for independent working musicians.
The MIC is looking to select up to 10 artists to feature on either their blog or live-performance YouTube series. Artist features will be shared on their social media channels. The MIC covers song, album and EP reviews, interviews, Musician of the Month features, and playlist curation. The MIC’s YouTube series highlights emerging and independent artists with exclusive live performances.

About the Promoter

Founded by Stefani M.C. Janelli, The Music Insight Column is a space to discuss local, independent, and emerging artists. The MIC loves to hear about new and upcoming artists and encourages all artists looking for a review, interview, or playlist feature to get in touch; and if you’re looking to discover new music, or read about talented musicians, check out their blog.
The MIC’s mission is to help artists stay independent, offering artists services on their website including Bio & Press Release Writing, Digital Media, Playlist and Radio pitching, and more.


Indie Music Cafe is a weekly syndicated TV show dedicated to promoting songs and music videos created by independent bands and solo artists from around the world. In an effort to highlight new talent, Indie Music Cafe will select up to 50 videos from artists each quarter in 2023 and feature them on the show. Indie Music Cafe supports talent from a breadth of musical backgrounds, so artists of all genres are encouraged to submit.

Additional Details

About the Promoter

Hosted by Emmy® Award winner Christopher Ewing, Indie Music Cafe is devoted to supporting independent artists through music video features and behind the scenes interviews. The show is filmed at their studios in Hollywood, CA, as well as on-location around the world. The show airs in syndication on major network affiliates (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, The CW) in cities across the country, as well as on the Indie Music Channel on Roku and Amazon Fire TV! For years, Ewing has been a major advocate for getting airplay and recognition for independent singers and bands of all genres. He is the president and founder of the popular music network, Indie Music Channel, as well as the Indie Music Hall of Fame.


ILLUS Records is conducting A&R research to identify unsigned artists for its roster. ILLUS Records is partnered with industry leaders in music and media to distribute independent artists around the world. Comprised of digital natives specialized in marketing, advertising, sync licensing, video monetization, performance rights services, press, and more, ILLUS Records empowers artists to connect with fans across the globe.

Additional Details

About ILLUS Records

ILLUS Records was founded in 2020 by music producer, Kole Klein, an avid music enthusiast. His passion for artist development, marketing & audio gives ILLUS Records an essential curve in the music industry. ILLUS Records is partnered with industry majors across the globe to provide distribution and marketing solutions; brand strategy & artist development. ILLUS Records’ main focus is quality and pioneering the next generation of premium audio.


Audio Mixing Mastering is selecting up to three (3) artists to receive a free mix and master for their next single by one of AMM’s highly experienced engineers. Some of AMM’s past clients include Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Usher, Flo Rida, Sean Paul, Shaggy, and many more.

Note: Files must be separated into individual tracks (stems) to enable AMM’s engineers to work on each instrument and vocal track separately.

About AMM

Audio Mixing Mastering is dedicated to turning musician’s ideas into complete works of art. The studio’s experienced engineers use a variety of tools to do more than simply adjust levels. AMM’s team will work to change the space, structure, and positioning of the track components—called “Dimensional Definition.” The team at AMM will add effects and tweak each component based on the artist’s wishes.
Submitting artists are encouraged to stay up-to-date with AMM on Instagram and Facebook.


Independent record label Eclipse Music is conducting A&R research to identify potential artists for its digital roster for worldwide distribution with an option for physical distribution as well. The label is especially interested in solo artists and bands specializing in contemporary and traditional jazz, jazz-rock/fusion, progressive rock, blues, roots, folk, and world music.

About the Label

Eclipse Music is an independent record label based in Tampere, Finland. Formed in 2007, Eclipse has become one of the premier publishers of jazz, progressive, and singer-songwriter music in Finland. High artistic quality and independent spirit are the essences of the label.
Eclipse Music’s distribution platform gives artists the power to manage their own catalogue and get up-to-date data about their online streams with the added benefit of the record label’s ongoing work in promoting songs to playlists.

Note: Please do not contact anyone directly at Eclipse Music. Doing so will disqualify you from consideration.


The Hype Magazine, a top digital publication with over 500,000 subscribers, is looking to select a number of artists for features in its publication as part of its Hype First series, as well as live-stream music reviews via The Hype. The Hype Magazine provides its patrons with relevant entertainment, music news, and reviews of their favorite established entertainers while spotlighting unsigned independents seeking to gain greater exposure.

About the Publication

The Hype Magazine is distributed digitally to over 350,000 readers with an additional 4 million website views per month. The Hype Magazine Network provides its readers with live TV programming, containing hours of video on demand through its Roku channel.

More than just an average urban music magazine, The Hype Magazine serves its readers and subscribers a diverse collection of stories, interviews, and impactful editorials. Hype is not a niche market outlet, its audience range includes fashionistas, gamers, movie buffs, MMA fanatics, EDM and rock fans, television personalities, and more. If it’s newsworthy, The Hype Magazine covers it.


ION Indie Magazine is looking to highlight up to four (4) artists for their upcoming 2024 issues. The magazine, a bi-monthly publication, will highlight selected artists through features, interviews, and reviews in its online publication.

Additional Details

About the Promoter

ION is a global initiative of musicians, journalists, and industry professionals that promotes indie music of all genres. ION strives to garner greater awareness for indie artists and provide a forum to spotlight and support local music.

Note: Space is limited each issue, so if you were declined for previous opportunities with ION Indie Magazine, that does not mean you will be declined for these features.


The Unsigned Only Competition (UO) is offering one (1) free song submission exclusively to twenty-five (25) artists selected by UO. Submit your best song for a chance to win $20,000 and one-on-one mentoring from top music industry professionals. The 25 songs selected by UO will be automatically entered into the competition with no entry fee.

To be eligible for this offer, you can not have previously submitted for Unsigned Only 2024 via Opportunities.

About the Contest

Unsigned Only is the premier music competition in the world for indie and unsigned artists (including solo artists, bands, and singers) who are unsigned to a major record label. Why does Unsigned Only include only unsigned artists? It’s simple. Limiting the competition to unsigned artists levels the playing field for entrants because they are not competing with well-known artists, GRAMMY® winners, or artists with a major label machine behind them. The goal is to give indie artists exposure, recognition, and validation for their artistry. Five (out of seven) Grand Prize winners from Unsigned Only have now been signed to record label deals.

Artists can submit directly to Unsigned Only 2024 via their general entry page.

The 2024 Judges Include:

Dave Haywood, Lady A, Aimee Mann, Rufus Wainwright, LeAnn Rimes, Sanctus Real, Beabadoobee, Rodney Atkins, Robert Smith (The Cure), Jill Scott, Hillsong Worship, Chris Culos (O.A.R.), Arty, Angie Stone, Nicholas Petricca (Walk The Moon), Eric Gales, Janiva Magness, Derek Brown (The Flaming Lips), The Devil Makes Three, Masa Takumi, Paula Arenas, Ruthie Foster, David Benoit, Miles Kane, Tinariwen, I Am They, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Vertical Worship, Jay Allen, Chaerin Kim, Russ Landau, Anthony DeCurtis (Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone), Paul De Barros (Pop Music Editor/Jazz Writer, Seattle Times), Michael J. West (Reviews Editor, DownBeat), Alice Jacq (Senior Global Music Editor, Deezer), Jason Lipshutz (Music Editor, Billboard Magazine), Rachel Rascoe (Music Editor, Austin Chronicle), Martin Carvell (Former Managing Director, DJ Magazine / Consultant), James Whitting (Partner, Paradigm Talent Agency), Christopher Scapelliti (Editor-In-Chief, Guitar Player), Bruno Ybarra (Global Editorial & Lifestyle, Apple Music), Ole Obermann (Music @ TikTok), Bob Clearmountain (Producer/Engineer/Mixer), Hilary Saunders (Managing Editor, No Depression), Paul Riario (Tech Editor, Guitar World Magazine), Alison Bonaguro (Freelance Country Music Journalist), Jeff Zuchowski (Vice President, Artist Marketing & Industry Relations, Pandora), Lyndsey Parker (Managing Editor, Yahoo Music), Kevin McNeese (President, NewReleaseToday), Art Tipaldi (Editor, Blues Music Magazine), John DiBiase (President, Jesus Freak Hideout), David Silbaugh (Talent Buyer, Summerfest), Angel Romero (Founder / Sr. Editor, World Music Central), Brandon Chitwood (Founder/Writer, The EDM Scholar), Gastón Leone (Talent Buyer, Goldenvoice), Cyrus Kyle Langhorne (Founder, AttackTheCulture.com), Brinson Strickland (President, Collective Music Nashville), Dylan Berry (Screen Shot Judge – Owner, SmashHaus), James Kempner (Screen Shot Judge – Owner, JMK Connections), Jennifer Taunton (Screen Shot Judge – Music Supervisor, Level Two Music), Debra Delshad (Screen Shot Judge – Sr. Director, Synchronization & Licensing, Angry Mob Music), Mark Garfield (Screen Shot Judge – Co-Director, Pop-Up Music UK Ltd.), Daryl Berg (Screen Shot Judge – Vice President, Music Strategies and Licensing Hallmark/Crown Media).


About Unsigned Only

Conceived of and produced by the team that brings you the prestigious International Songwriting Competition (ISC), Unsigned Only is a fresh and novel approach to other music competitions. Yes, it offers great prizes, recognition, exposure, and the chance to be heard by a group of judges consisting of high-profile recording artists and industry professionals. But, Unsigned Only also takes it a step further and puts the Grand Prize winner in direct, personal contact with the influential record label executives who are the ultimate decision-makers. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to directly network with the top echelon of record company professionals and get guidance, advice, feedback, and networking opportunities.


Bong Mines Entertainment is looking to select one (1) artist to be featured on its website. Music will be heard several times in its entirety before writing a detailed review, which will be published on the site and social media channels. Additionally, if an artist’s song fits into Bong Mines’ playlists, it will be added to the rotation. Bong Mines covers artists primarily in the genres of dance, pop, R&B/soul, world, singer-songwriter, hip-hop/rap, electronic, country, alternative, and indie.

About the Promoter

Bong Mines Entertainment is the hot spot for new music and a credible source for music discovery. We highlight tomorrow’s most promising artists while featuring today’s mega-superstars.


Ryze-Up Magazine is looking for marketable, commercially viable, and positive individuals to work with in 2024 and will be looking to select at least two (2) artists to feature via its online magazine and social media platforms. Songs must be radio-friendly in order to be eligible.
Ryze-Up Magazine encourages submitting artists to like, follow, and subscribe to their YouTube channel (RyzeUpTV), Facebook, and Instagram Pages (@RyzeUpMagazine).

About the Publication

Ryze-Up strives to present, acknowledge, and promote a variety of artists from different backgrounds including musicians, models, makeup artists, actors/actresses, and businesses. Ryze Up continues to work hard to become a premium publication for music, entertainment, and marketing while continually growing your brand and accomplishing its goals along the way.


Reclaimed Radio is looking to select a number of artists for airplay on Laura Beth’s Mixtape Show, which focuses on new and upcoming artists of all genres. Artists may also be selected for interviews or in-studio performances. Submitted tracks must be of radio standard and non-explicit.

About the Promoter

Reclaimed Radio is an online radio station which has been on air since 2016. The ethos of the station is great presenters and great music. Our passion is music and each of us conveys our appreciation through our show. Laura Beth’s Mixtape Show on Reclaimed Radio features new music from around the world and looks to showcase new artists and bands.


Alex Dzamtovski PR is looking to select up to three (3) artists to provide a 45-minute complimentary PR and pitching best practices consultation.

About Alex Dzamtovski PR

Alex Dzamtovski is the founder of Alex Dzamtovski PR as well as Mayhem Music Services; providing pitching services for linking musicians with various media outlets, blogs, websites, playlists, podcasts, and more. Alex has focused on promotion and marketing for artists since 2012, working with established artists like Martha Wash, Fredo Viola, Luis Mojica and many more to promote an album, tour or event. As an artist, Alex strives to create long term relationships with the artists he works with and create a sense of community- not just a business relationship.


Playlister Club is looking to provide three (3) artists with a free, one-month membership to its playlister community and music discovery service.

About Playlister Club

Playlister Club is a music discovery service and network built for Spotify Playlisters to manage their playlists and discover emerging music. Playlister Club is the fastest growing and most active music discovery engine, with hundreds of leading Playlisters (with over 100 million followers between them), over 100,000 playlists, and over 1M tracks discovered to date!

Playlister Club is not a submission site. Playlister club encourages real curation and increases the chance of tracks finding a playlist fit through data. Playlisters are algorithmically matched with emerging artists, based on their listening tastes, and are free to curate however they please. This makes the discovery process less transactional, and all about a real connection between your music and the curators!


The Montauk Music Festival is looking to select a number of artists to perform at the 13th Montauk Music Festival (MMF). MMF 2024 is taking place May 16-19, 2024 at the Montauk Yacht Club in Montauk NY, with an expected attendance of more than 10,000 people.

Additional Details

About the Festival
The Montauk Music Festival (MMF) is a volunteer-run, grassroots music event designed to celebrate, support, and promote the thriving Montauk music scene while showcasing and stimulating the burgeoning artistic, commercial, and pedestrian activity in Montauk. A percentage of festival proceeds will be benefitting Lucia’s Angels & The Coalition for Women’s Cancers. The festival would not be possible without generous support by businesses and individuals, who, like the festival organizers, are dedicated to nurturing this vital component of the area’s culture. The Montauk Music Festival is a Montauk Sun Production.


Songwriters Showcases of America is looking to select at least 10 artists to perform at the 12th Annual Delandapalooza Original Music & Art Festival in DeLand, FL.

Additional Details

About the Promoter

Songwriters Showcases of America (SSA) is a music event production organization that has produced festivals and concerts in central Florida since 1999. Its mission is to increase and enhance the quality of performance opportunities for bands and solo artists of all genres. The SSA’s annual events include the DeLand Original Music Festival, Delandapalooza, Jacksonville Original Music Festival, Daytona’s MainStreet Live, Ormond Beach Live Original Music & Art Festival, the NYC New Music Festival, and the Opioid Prevention & Awareness Music Festival.


Wutz Hood Radio is looking to select up to 40 artists to add to the station’s standard rotation. Of those selected, 10 artists will be additionally featured on Wutz Hood Radio’s SPOTLIGHT page, 10 artists will be additionally promoted on Wutz Hood Radio’s Instagram page, 10 artists will have their music video featured on the Wutz Hood Radio’s YouTube playlist and Facebook group, and 10 artists will additionally receive year-round Twitter promo (randomly tweeted daily) via Wutz Hood Radio’s X (Twitter) page.

About the Promoter

Launched in February of 2010, Wutz Hood is an industry radio station that focuses on independent music. Since its launch, the station has reached more than 57 million fans. The station has covered and interviewed some of the hottest acts in music, such as Drake, Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, Mali Music, French Montana, Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, Paul Anthony, Nicki Natural, Just Brittany, Mya, H-Town, and more. The official Wutz Hood Radio stream is available via Wutz Hood Radio, Apple/iTunes, TuneIn, Streema, Radio9, Winamp, Radio Tuna, and more.

Wutz Hood Radio’s awards and accolades include:

Note: Artist royalties are paid by Wutz Hood Radio to ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange.


POC Media is looking to identify artists to pitch great songs for sync licensing.

Genres of Interest Include:

Deal Terms

About POC Media, Inc.

POC Media has placed and/or cleared more than 20,000 songs into sports-related programming, promos, bumpers, and social media campaigns. They have landed millions in licensed syncs, secured more than millions worth of in-kind promotions, and music-supervised dozens of films, commercials, and interactive games. POC Media is a leading source of alternative media distribution, ranging from the development of in-arena and in-stadium broadcast of music videos to the creation of the proprietary POC Media Music Supervision & Licensing System™, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to provide both music-discovery and music-licensing support for North America’s largest sports broadcasters and music supervisors.


The UK’s Artistic Echoes is looking to provide two (2) artists with online interviews and song features to appear alongside their coverage of some of the most exciting artists around.

About the Publication

Artistic Echoes aims to promote unrecognized talent and provide opportunities for new artists, poets, writers, photographers, filmmakers, and musicians. Artistic Echoes hosts a variety of music podcasts and radio shows, in addition to passionate, original content about the music they love. The founder of Artistic Echoes, Michael Chisholm, also develops websites and provides other services for musicians via Artistic Echoes Presents.


The Jacqui Raven Show is selecting up to 20 Metal Artists for airplay on its radio program. Features will include airplay as well as links to the artists’ social media pages and merch store. The Jacqui Raven Show’s team is here to assist artists with converting listeners into hardcore fans.

Additional Details

Artists should note the criteria below before submitting:
1. Low-quality recordings will not be considered
2. Please submit new or recent material
3. Please have quality images available on your profile

About the Station

Since 2012, 99WNRR (formerly Neue Regel Radio) has been a fully-licensed radio station and is part of a movement in independent music not yet seen. Combined with its publications, Total Order Indie Zine and ION Indie Magazine, the station covers the entire world of independent music to give listeners, readers, and fans a glimpse of the best music they have never heard. Neue Regel Radio’s professional reputation in the industry has provided the station with the opportunity to ignite relationships with top PR companies that are paying attention to the artists they identify.


Described by Entertainment Weekly as “a terrific source for album release dates,” Pause&Play is the go-to site for music fans, industry leaders, and journalists looking to discover new releases and artist features. Maintaining the most exhaustive list of upcoming new albums and reissues, Pause&Play is looking to select up to 20 artists for a forthcoming album listing on the site.

Submission Criteria

If selected, artists must provide the following information:


Rising Stars Radio is looking to select up to 50 emerging artists to feature on upcoming episodes. Rising Stars Radio airs every Monday night between 9-10 pm at 90.3 FM and online at nccradio

About Rising Stars Radio

Rising Stars Radio is a broadcast of 90.3 WHPC, where host and music industry veteran Rick Eberle plays the best in new independent emerging artists from around the world. WHPC is an award-winning radio station affiliated with Nassau Community College out of Garden City, New York.


The Balcony Show is looking to select at least ten (10) artists for online airplay and at least three (3) artists for featured interviews.

Genres of interest include: Indie, Alternative, Rock, Punk, and adjacent styles

About the Show

The Balcony Show is a dynamic internet radio show that has made a significant impact on the airwaves with its engaging content and widespread reach. Broadcasting on 222 platforms, the show captivates listeners from all corners of the globe. Hosted by a team of seasoned professionals, The Balcony Show is known for its diverse range of guests, featuring renowned personalities such as Dee Snider, Mitch Malloy, Mike Reno, Joel Hoekstra, Constantine Maroulis, and more.
With an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment, The Balcony Show has become a go-to destination for music enthusiasts. Each episode offers a unique blend of interviews, music reviews, and captivating discussions, making it a must-listen for fans of various genres.
The show’s success can be attributed to its talented hosts who bring their wealth of knowledge and passion to every episode. Their deep understanding of the industry, coupled with their infectious enthusiasm, ensures that each guest’s story is told with authenticity and respect.
Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual listener, The Balcony Show promises an unforgettable experience. Tune in to explore the world of music through the eyes of celebrated guests and passionate hosts, and prepare to be entertained, inspired, and moved. Several of the artists that have been on the show Charted on Billboard and a few have received record deals. Don’t miss this opportunity!


The Launch Pad Live (LPL) is looking for up to 20 Rock & Metal artists to feature on its Top 20 Countdown show. Features will include airplay and selected artists will remain in the top 20 for 20 weeks and receive and exclusive interview from the Launch Pad Live. The entire LPL team is here to assist artists with the mission of converting listeners into hardcore fans.

Additional Details

Artists should note the criteria below before submitting:
1. Low-quality recordings will not be considered
2. Material must be released within the calendar year of submission (we do check release dates)
3. Please submit a professional looking profile complete with press release-quality Bio and Images

About the Show

The Launch Pad Live is in its 10th year of changing the way people listen to and perceive the quality and value of independent music. The show’s host, RTFX, has spent 25+ years in the entertainment industry working with acts such as Muse, Paramore, All American Rejects, as well as companies like Viacom and MTV. RTFX combines the best new releases and independent artists to prove to the world that quality rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well. Join RTFX on his journey every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EDT on 99WNRR.com.


Gene Foley, founder of Foley Entertainment Inc. and one of the industry’s most experienced music agents, is offering up to 25 artists a free 15-minute phone consultation. Foley wrote the book on artist development and is offering his time to help artists advance their careers. After all the submissions are reviewed, the selected artists will be notified and the appointment for the phone consultation will be scheduled on a mutually agreeable date and time.

Additional Details

There are numerous benefits for an artist to have a consultation with a licensed agent; artists can get advice on how to advance professionally, how to be more efficient, learn ways to make more money from their music, and get answers to any specific career questions. In addition to any questions the selected artists may have, discussion topics can include songwriting, marketing, music publishing, distribution, and much more.

About the Promoter

Foley Entertainment, Inc. is a music industry consulting firm and licensed entertainment agency founded 35 years ago. The firm represents recording artists, songwriters, managers, record companies, music publishers, producers, engineers, mixers, session musicians, and other industry participants. Foley Entertainment provides a variety of professional services, including career guidance and direction, consulting, artist development, marketing, publicity, TV/film placement, advertising, team building, and more. Foley Entertainment’s clients have earned 38 Gold and Platinum-selling records and 4 GRAMMY® Awards.


Zone Nights, an Argentine music website dedicated to emerging and underground music, is looking to provide up to ten (10) artists with a feature on its site and Spotify playlist.

Additional Details

About Zone Nights

Zone Nights provides a space for visibility to emerging artists, something difficult to find nowadays. In short posts, Zone Nights express just a few choice words about the subject and their sound; inviting your ears to weigh in and add to your list of favorite songs. Sharing and supporting is all that Zone Nights asks in return. Zone Nights is a website for music and its creators.

Note: Please do not contact anyone directly at this publication. Doing so will disqualify you from consideration and the publication will block your email.


Indie Music Channel’s hit radio show is back! With hopes to showcase some of the best artists from around the world, The Radio Café is looking to add up to 50 artists to its weekly program.

Selection Criteria

Additional Details

About the Radio Show

The Radio Café is a weekly syndicated radio show that is aired by terrestrial radio stations across the country, as well as on iHeart Radio, Spotify, and the Indie Music Channel app. The Radio Cafe is hosted by the show’s creator, Emmy Award winner Christopher Ewing. For years, Ewing has been a major advocate for getting airplay and recognition for independent singers and bands of all genres. He is the president and founder of the popular music network, Indie Music Channel, as well as the Indie Music Hall of Fame.


Silver Gun Records is looking to identify and connect with new up-and-coming artists for roster consideration.

About Silver Gun Records

Silver Gun Records is an independent record label and production company based out of Los Angeles, California. Their mission is to create meaningful relationships that begin with a musical connection and a transparent work ethic. They like to work with artists who are genuine, not afraid to push boundaries, and have a powerful message. During a revolutionary time of pivotal changes, Silver Gun Records is a company that harnesses the power of new technologies, honors the development of music as an art form, and envisions a world where a diverse and multicultural community of artists and creatives are represented equally.

Please do not contact anyone directly at this label. Doing so will disqualify you from consideration


Unheard Voices, a Baltimore, DC, and New Jersey-based publication that attracts 100,000+ readers per month, is looking to select one (1) to receive a feature in the magazine’s “Unheard Underground” section. “Unheard Underground” features provide readers with up-to-date news and music from the best-emerging hip-hop and R&B artists in the industry.

Additional Details

About the Promoter

Unheard Voices Magazine is a nationally-syndicated online magazine that first started in 2004 as the circuit for local minority news in the Monmouth County, New Jersey area.
Now with readership nationally and internationally, Unheard Voices is setting its path as a revered urban publication on the web.
Unheard Voices is the recipient of the NAACP Unsung Hero Award and CV Magazine’s Media Innovator Award.


Artistry Records is conducting A&R research to identify exciting new artists to connect with. Artistry Records will be looking to select at least one (1) artist for a 30-minute music and career consultation. If the selected artist is a fit for the label there is potential for further collaboration with Artistry and/or its distribution arm.

About Artistry Records

Artistry Records is a new joint venture label between Grammy-Award winning music executive Max Gousse & Universal Music Group. The label’s business model is to sign amazing young talent & to develop them into stars.
Recent signings include Citi-Limitz, Ashlee, Donel Mangena, & Liya.
Gousse has been instrumental in the careers of Beyoncé, Jhene Aiko, YG, Omarion, B2K, Tydollasign, Saweetie, & Nezi Momodu.


Fresh Tracks Marketing will select one (1) artist for a free, month-long digital marketing and PR campaign targeting music and entertainment media and blogs. Fresh Tracks Marketing will craft a targeted campaign to increase the overall visibility of the artist, gain new fans, and get strategic placements with high-profile music outlets, lifestyle sites, and genre communities.

Selection Criteria

Artists will need a recent or upcoming album release, preferably with an accompanying music video or other content to aid and support marketing efforts (videos are not required to submit, but will be a significant factor during the selection process).

About the Promoter

Fresh Tracks Marketing has been working with the biggest bands, brands, and entertainment releases for over 12 years. Its main focus is creating and executing digital strategies that increase social activity, raise positive brand awareness, and drive sales. Fresh Tracks’ impressive client list includes all three major record groups, numerous indie labels, management companies, and artists such as Slash, Beyoncé, The Fray, and Incubus. Fresh Tracks has also delivered marketing strategies and social media campaigns designed to foster positive brand association and increase revenue for brands like Red Bull, Ciroc, Activision, and Carl’s Jr.


Sounds New Sounds Good, a YouTube channel that showcases the hottest new tracks from indie artists, is looking to feature tracks from up on its channel. Songs from selected artists may also be playlisted on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter.

About the Promoter

Based in Montijo, Portugal, Sounds New Sounds Good was created to showcase unknown bands to the rest of the world and the indie community. The channel finds and discovers diverse bands from all over the world within the genres of indie rock, alternative, pop, folk, and electronic. Sounds New Sounds Good’s listeners and fans hear a compilation of fresh music, live, every weekend on YouTube.


Indie Music Discovery (IMD) is looking to select for features on its blog. All articles will be promoted on IMD’s social media channels and selected artists will be added to genre-specific playlists on multiple streaming platforms.

About the Promoter

Indie Music Discovery has been supporting the independent music community with interviews, reviews, playlists, social media engagement, and one-on-one consulting since 2011. With a primary focus on DIY indie artists from all genres, IMD is always on the lookout for anything noteworthy.


Glacer FM is looking for the best new music across all genres to play on air for their global audience.

Additional Details

About Glacer FM

Glacer FM is an internet radio station that specializes in sourcing the best of new music from unsigned and independent artists in all cultures around the world. We believe in giving a voice to upcoming music in all genres.

Glacer FM is competition oriented and each year we recognize the best of emerging acts worldwide through our Listeners Choice Awards. Our music chart showcases the Top 50 trending artists in all genres.


Soundscape.io is seeking songs from emerging independent artists for sync placement in film, television, and advertising. Preferred genres include DJ, EDM, electronica, folk, indie, rock, and singer-songwriter. Past TV and film placements include Top Chef, Dead Before Dawn 3D, Born to Race: Fast Track, Descending, and more.

Deal Terms

By submitting you represent and warrant that you own or control all necessary rights in and to the content submitted.

About the Promoter

Soundscape.io specializes in licensing original, high-quality music by artists through affordable, unlimited subscription-based licenses, carefully curated for use in film, video, and advertising. Made up of creatives and musicians, the team at Soundscape.io can relate to the challenges artists face in the music industry today. Operating with the mission of shining a light on emerging artists, Soundscape.io doesn’t make money unless the artist makes money; a deal that benefits both parties equally, leaving artists with full ownership of their music. Soundscape.io specializes in indie rock and electronic music but is interested in high-quality tracks in all genres.


Shutter 16, a unique music magazine that focuses on underground acts, as well as national and international talent, will select artists for coverage in the magazine as one of their Top Break-Out Artists; which may include interview spotlights, single reviews, tour previews, and more.

Artist Submission Guidelines

By submitting for coverage to Shutter 16’s campaign, artists agree to be subject to an unbiased, truthful review. Any opinion of the journalist is their opinion and stands true to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

About the Publication

Shutter16 is the collaborative brainchild of some of the best music photojournalists and music enthusiasts, period. Since its inception, it has evolved from a local to a regional magazine, now spreading its wings to a full-fledged international magazine. With a broad spectrum of talents and specialties, there is no limit to the music the magazine will cover.


Metal Express Radio is looking to select to add to its rotation. Selected artists will receive airplay on the Metal Express radio station and may also be considered for a review via the station’s website.

About Metal Express Radio

Metal Express began in 1985 by Stig G. Nordahl, President, as a hard rock and heavy metal radio station serving Oslo, Norway, and surrounding areas. Metal Express was taken online to a worldwide audience in March of 2001. This transition created one of the very first interactive websites for hard rock and heavy metal, with streaming audio on demand.


Blossom Agency, a leading digital strategy and marketing agency in Los Angeles, is looking to offer a complimentary consultation session to discuss streaming growth, social engagement, follower conversion, and other unique marketing strategies for independent artists.

More About Blossom Agency

Blossom is a leading digital strategy and marketing agency based in Los Angeles. Combining technology with innovative online techniques, Blossom delivers tailored campaigns to achieve their clients’ goals and exceed expectations with measurable results.

With decades of hands-on industry experience in marketing, management, and publicity, the Blossom staff prides itself on earning business and trust with every campaign. Blossom acts as a true extension of your project’s success and growth. They are more than a service, they are your team and their reputation is built on follow-through.


The Music Addict Podcast is looking to select for a featured interview on their Podcast.

Additional Details

About Creek Music Group

Creek Music Group is the producer of the Music Addict Podcast. Creek Music Group acts an Independent, Multi Genre Label offering established and new artists various production and promotional services alongside detailed professional Music Reviews for artists.


Music Video Marketplace (MVM) is looking to provide with complimentary individual stock music videos. These are ready-made off-the-shelf music videos that are downloadable in minutes. There are a variety of themes, genres, and moods to choose from to suit any style of song.

Additional Details

About Music Video Marketplace

Music Video Marketplace understands what musicians need – good videos to help spread their music without breaking the bank. Even if you’re an independent artist, you can now get high-quality videos from us without the huge cost of making one yourself. Videos are a big deal for musicians because they help you look pro and attract more fans online. Say goodbye to expensive freelancers and studios with unpredictable costs. You can access hundreds of professionally edited stock music videos, without the fuss of traditional video production. Our videos arrive faster than you can imagine – it’s practically magic! We’re changing the game, making music video production simpler and more affordable for everyone.


Student Pocket Guide (SPG) is seeking out one (1) artist to feature within an upcoming edition of the magazine. The selected artist will be invited to answer questions via email and will be asked to provide image assets. Student Pocket Guide will professionally design and publish the interview as a multiple-page feature.

About Student Pocket Guide

Established in 2005, Student Pocket Guide is a multi-award winning, UK-based magazine reaching students at colleges and universities nationwide. The Student Pocket Guide invites all artists to check out the latest digital issue.

Publishing cutting edge content both on its website and online publication, SPG has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Ed Sheeran, Ella Eyre, Mark Ronson, and Foals. Published three times per year, the publication reaches up to two million users, supported by its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Give them a follow on socials!


UFO Pictures is seeking original songs from artists to use in an upcoming feature film styled as an 1980’s Teen Thriller. UFO needs songs that are reminiscent of 1980’s-styled music for direct licensing agreements.

Creative Brief

80’s Inspired vocal and instrumental songs to be used for source music & incidental music for use in the soundtrack for the feature film, “Cover Girls”
Inspiring Examples

Deal Terms

About UFO Pictures

Based in Glendale, CA. UFO Pictures produces the highest quality commercial, music video, narrative and documentary films, since 2003.


Deitra Magazine, a print and digital magazine with a readership spanning the United States, is on the lookout for new music and up-and-coming artists. Deitra is looking to select up to five (5) artists for a digital feature on the Deitra Magazine website. Features include a published article on the site and may additionally include a recorded podcast interview if scheduling permits.

About the Publication

Deitra Magazine focuses on independent music, fashion, art, and culture. This beautiful boutique magazine showcases talent within the art and music industries, shining the spotlight on undiscovered artists and professional creatives around the world. Deitra is inspired by creative people and strives to capture that with artistic photography, compelling articles, and innovative design. Deitra Magazine is about pushing limits, breaking barriers, and following dreams.


Artists who submit music may be selected for the opportunity to have DW:1STOP (De Wolfe Music) act as its sync licensing agent. This means that DW:1STOP would act on artists’ behalf to pitch your music and secure placements in audio/visual productions including TV shows, feature films, theatrical marketing/trailers, commercials, and more.

Deal Terms

Important Points to Note

About the Promoter

Founded in 1909, De Wolfe Music’s production music catalog contains some of the most recognizable scores in the history visual media and has contributed to shaping popular culture around the globe. This particular opportunity is for De Wolfe Music’s boutique label, DW:1STOP, where music by commercial recording artists is offered to our clients for sync opportunities. DW:1STOP was launched in 2018 with the purpose of servicing top-tier clients in the TV, film and advertising sectors. In this short time, music from DW:1STOP has been placed in A MILLION LITTLE THINGS, ALMOST FAMILY, FOR LIFE, ALL AMERICAN, QUEEN SUGAR, 16 & PREGNANT, KUNG FU, TWENTYSOMETHINGS: AUSTIN, UNITED STATES OF AL, SHE-HULK, POLITE SOCIETY and more.

By submitting you represent and warrant that you own or control all necessary rights in and to the content submitted.


AND RADIO is accepting submissions from artists for airplay rotation via their commercial free broadcast based out of Southampton, UK. Submitted material must contain no explicit language and be radio friendly.


AND RADIO is a 5 Star streaming music station with charisma! The station is owned and produced by experienced career musicians, offering awesome playlists with no ads, playing only the music they like, not some AI Bot! Any genre, any decade … including the very best local tracks, old and new and their favourite under the radar and new artists. If they like it, they play it! Simple as that. They choose everything. Humans, not AI bots.

By submitting you represent and warrant that you own or control all necessary rights in and to the content submitted.


Tastemaker site followed by record labels and publishing companies worldwide, Alfitude, will select at least 3 artists/bands from submissions and publish a short post that features your song, along with a quote from you (if you have one). The post is then publicized via Twitter and Facebook, and occasionally on Instagram too. If the song is exceptional, it will also be added to the A-List they curate on their Spotify for a week.

About Alfitude

Globally recognized as one the most respected new music tastemaker sites since 2010, Alfitude is followed by some of the largest and most influential record & publishing labels around the world. From pop to indie to experimental new music, the site was created as a way to introduce outstanding new talent to A&R teams within record labels. It is also freely available to anyone with an interest in new music. Little is written on the site. Music is a personal connection between the listener and the artist; so you can make your own minds up.


The Halshack Indie Rockcast is looking to select at least 20 acts for airplay, features, and more on their show.

About the Promoter

Halshack Rockcast was born out of passion for indie artists and the music industry as a whole over 6 years ago. Halshack Rockcast is now aired on several radio stations around the globe and can be heard on over 20 networks including iheartradio, Google Play, Amazon Music, Stitcher, among many more.


The Boise Beat is looking to select up to five (5) talented artists for a feature on the homepage of The Boise Beat. This unique chance includes a detailed feature consisting of either a captivating pre-recorded interview or a comprehensive write-up, delving into the artist’s musical journey, upcoming projects, and personal insights.

As part of this feature, the selected artist will have the opportunity to share their story, inspirations, and details about their music with our growing audience of over 44,000 readers. The Boise Beat will embed a sample of their music within the article, allowing readers and listeners to experience the artist’s sound directly. This is a rare chance to gain significant exposure and connect with a wider audience, as The Boise Beat has a history of featuring reputable artists such as Maxwell Hughes of The Lumineers, Ghalia Volt, and Too Slim and the Taildraggers, among others.

About The Promoter

The Boise Beat stands at the forefront of Boise’s cultural renaissance, operating as a pivotal hub that not only highlights but also nurtures the burgeoning talent within and beyond the Treasure Valley. As Boise emerges as an up-and-coming cultural hotspot, our platform offers a unique showcase for artists and creatives from around the globe, amplifying their voices in a city celebrated for its diversity and innovation in arts and entertainment. We provide a dynamic space where local and international talents converge, offering them exposure to a wide audience and opportunities for growth and collaboration. Through in-depth articles, features, and interviews, The Boise Beat captures the essence of Boise’s vibrant arts scene, making it an invaluable resource for artists, businesses, and culture enthusiasts seeking to engage with the city’s creative pulse. Our commitment to being a beacon for talent and creativity extends beyond local boundaries, positioning The Boise Beat as a key player in shaping Boise’s identity as a global cultural hub.


Shannon McArthur Music, an artist development company based in Nashville, TN, is looking to select one (1) artist for a complimentary remote session with Shannon McArthur, the producer behind releases by Dashboard Confessional, Adam Durtiz (Counting Crows), Tiffany Alvord, Kaitlyn Myers, Alexis Marrero, Grace Coletta, and more.

About Shannon McArthur Music

Shannon McArthur Music (SMM) helps emerging artists showcase themselves through high-quality song production and identifying the proper promotional outlets. SMM currently develops artists out of studios in Nashville and Los Angeles. Shannon McArthur is a Nashville-based songwriter / music producer who works primarily with independent artists. He has produced acts including Dashboard Confessional, Adam Durtiz (Counting Crows), Derek Sanders (Mayday Parade), Andy Frasco, Tiffany Alvord, Olive Klug, Kaitlyn Myers, Alexis Marrero, Grace Coletta, and Lorelei Marcell; and has collaborated with acts including Dan Layus (Augustana), Chase Rice, Paul McDonald, Jessie McCartney, Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon), Lucy Hale, Kate Voegele, JHart, Alyssa Bonagura, Elenowen, Jeremy Lister, and Acceptance. McArthur has been featured in publications including The Huffington Post, American Songwriter, and Elmore Magazine. His songs have been featured on shows including ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”, ABC’s “General Hospital”, Nickelodeon’s “Degrassi”, MTV’s “Real World Road Rules Challenge”, and VH1’s “Tough Love Couples”.


Looking for an honest critique from a seasoned music geek? Music site Pitch Perfect is aiming to select
one (1) artist to receive a review of their newest single. Pitch Perfect’s content covers a wide-variety of genres, so artists from a breadth of musical backgrounds are encouraged to submit to this opportunity.

About Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a collaboration of music enthusiasts who want to share their thoughts about the music that is being released in our world. We give honest opinions and guided descriptions to enable our readers to determine what they may want to listen to next as well as providing the artists with an insight as to what a seasoned music geek really


418 Music, an independent record label specializing in innovative dance and house music, is conducting A&R research to identify and potentially sign artists to its roster.

About 418 Music

Headed by industry veteran Gino Caporale, 418 Music is the #1 ranked Independent Dance label imprint on the Billboard charts. Notable 418 Music artists include chart-toppers Crystal Waters, Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious, Bleona, and many more. 418 Music collaborates with some of the hottest producers, remixers, and artists around the globe, and distributes via INgrooves.

Note: Do not contact anyone directly at the record label. Doing so will disqualify you from consideration.


Mark Maryanovich Photography is selecting one (1) artist to have a complimentary 4 Look Photoshoot with award-winning music portrait photographer Mark Maryanovich. Valued at $900, this offer is perfect for artists with upcoming releases, or those needing to refresh their branding imagery.

Notable artists photographed by Mark Maryanovich include Chris Cornell, Randy Bachman, Bob Rock, Chad Kroeger, Elliott Smith, Henry Rollins, Dream Theater, William Lee Golden (The Oak Ridge Boys), Jann Arden, Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden), Matt Sorum (Guns N’Roses, Velvet Revolver), and Billy F Gibbons (ZZ Top) among many others.

Additional Details

About the Promoter

Award-winning photographer Mark Maryanovich has captured an impressive variety of artists, created album covers and artwork for Sony, EMI, Warner, Universal, and received two Canadian Country Music Awards for Recording Package of the Year. Mark’s clients include Gibson and Peavey, while his work has been published in Rolling Stone and Billboard. Mark also provided the autobiography book cover images for Randy Bachman and Matt Sorum, and because of his work in this genre, the Annenberg Space for Photography selected Mark for their exhibition Country: Portraits of an American Sound, celebrating the icons of country music. Mark’s Images stand out from the masses with a unique quality, a quality created by a unique style of shooting; an experience that captures the raw essence of his subjects. Mark provides a multitude of images to fulfill the constant demand for visual content, while creating a cohesive brand identity for his clients that translates intangible qualities into tangible form.


The idobi Network is selecting one (1) artist for a featured interview on one of its programs and inclusion in idobi Radio’s ‘Fresh Picks’ rotation for one month. idobi Radio is the #1 alternative digital music stream and the winner of the “Best Single-Stream Webcaster” at the RAIN Awards. The station receives an average of 8 million monthly tune-ins.

About the Promoter

Since 1999, The idobi Network has brought you the best of your favorite (and soon-to-be-favorite) artists from all over the world. The idobi Network broadcasts pop-punk, hardcore, metal, and indie. Tune into all idobi Network music channels at idobi.com, or search for the idobi app on iOS or Android.


Collaborating with Brooklyn Magazine to feature one (1) emerging artist on bkmag.com. The feature article will be featured on BKMag.com and in their email newsletter to subscribers.

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About Brooklyn Magazine

Brooklyn Magazine explores New York’s most populous borough through the lens of culture, community, commerce, arts and leisure. Here readers learn about the artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, musicians, chefs, innovators and more who are shaping the world beyond Brooklyn’s borders and the people, places and institutions that inspire them.


CI Records is looking to identify new artists for its roster. The A&R team at CI Records will collaborate to review all submissions. With 30 years running as an independent label, the label continues to build a rich history of discovering and developing artists.

About the Label

CI Records was started by Jeremy Weiss in 1987 as a vehicle to release his own music and music by bands he was passionate about. Over time, the label has released over 50 offerings from the diverse spectrum of independent music, growing from a hobby into a full-time effort. Since its inception, CI Records has helped launch the careers of bands such as August Burns Red, Texas in July, The Pink Spiders, and many more.

Note: Please do not contact anyone directly at this label. Doing so will disqualify you from consideration.


The Heidi and Frank Show, part of Los Angeles’ 95.5 KLOS radio station, is looking to feature up to 24 artists for its “Stay or Go” segment* which airs every Friday. With an estimated station reach of 1.4 million daily listeners, this opportunity provides the chance to have your music played in one of the largest radio markets in the United States.

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About the Show

Broadcasting from the legendary 95.5 KLOS in Los Angeles, and hosted by LA radio icons Heidi Hamilton, and Frank Kramer, the duo has reimagined live radio by incorporating live video and on-demand access for fans to its entire archive at the show’s website. The show is broadcast live every weekday at 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. PT.


With acclaimed producer Ben Etter (Deerhunter, Hazel English, Washed Out, Cate Le Bon, The Big Moon, Cut Copy, Kaiser Chiefs, and more) will collaborate to select one (1) artist to receive complimentary from Ben for a song nearing completion. provides unique access to critical guidance for artists seeking to make their songs and mixes even better.

About Ben Etter

Ben Etter is an indie producer, recordist and mixer based in Atlanta. With his background as an international recording and touring artist, he takes an unconventional approach to his mixing and production work for global artists. His credits include: Deerhunter, Hazel English, Washed Out, Cate Le Bon, The Big Moon, Cut Copy and Kaiser Chiefs.


Diggers Factory, an online community platform to pre-order vinyl records, is selecting one (1) artist to get their music pressed to 100 vinyl records, free of charge – for either a 7" single, 12" EP, or 12" Album (up to 22 minutes per side).

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About Diggers Factory

Diggers Factory is a platform where artists, fans, and professionals work together to produce or reissue vinyl records in limited edition. The artist is required to reach an objective of pre-orders before Diggers Factory will launch production and distribution, but this means artists are free from risk and big upfront payments.


Along with acclaimed producer Agony (Marauda, Kompany, PhaseOne, and more) will collaborate to receive complimentary from Agony for a song nearing completion. provides unique access to critical guidance for artists seeking to make their songs and mixes even better.

About Agony

Agony is a producer who started his journey at the young age of 14. He works in the realms of heavy EDM genres like tearout and dubstep, and has captivated a loyal independent audience. He has collaborated with artists such as Marauda, Kompany, and PhaseOne, and has released on notable labels such as Disciple, Cyclops Records, and DPMO.


From Major Seven



Along with acclaimed hip-hop producer Major Seven (Jay-Z, Future, Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Buju, DJ Snake, Blackpink, Ozuna, Megan The Stallion, Bryson Tiller, T-Pain, Kodak Black, Dave East, Jacquees, Tech N9ne, and more) will collaborate to select one (1) artist to receive complimentary from Major Seven for a song nearing completion. provides unique access to critical guidance for artists seeking to make their songs and mixes even better.

About Major Seven

Omar Walker, a.k.a. ‘Major Seven’, is a hip-hop producer from Atlanta who first came to mainstream attention for producing the song The Devil Is a Lie, the lead single for the Rick Ross album, Mastermind. Subsequent credits for the multi-Platinum producer include Jay-Z, Future, Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Buju, DJ Snake, Blackpink, Ozuna, Megan The Stallion, Bryson Tiller, T-Pain, Kodak Black, Dave East, Jacquees, Tech N9ne, Wale, Boys II Men, and Verse Simmonds.


New way for emerging songwriters, producers, and mixers to access invaluable feedback and mix notes from celebrated music industry professionals.

Along with DJ and record producer Max Vangeli (Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, Duke Dumont, and more) will collaborate to select one (1) artist to receive complimentary from Max for a song nearing completion. provides unique access to critical guidance for artists seeking to make their songs and mixes even better.

About Max Vangeli

Max Vangeli is a DJ and record producer who has risen through the ranks of international dance music – collaborating with big names like Tiesto and filling the top slots of music festivals like EDC Las Vegas. He partnered with one of Europe’s biggest independent record labels, Armada Music to form NoFace records. More recently, he worked on remixes for the likes of Calvin Harris, Major Lazer and Duke Dumont. He has released nine originals to critical acclaim and garnered millions of streams worldwide.


Collaborating with The FADER to feature one (1) emerging artist on TheFADER.com. The feature will include an interview that will be promoted on The FADER’s homepage, social media channels and newsletter, as well as a custom photoshoot.

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About the FADER

The FADER lives at the intersection of culture and influence. We are renowned for discovering and championing emerging music and the lifestyle that surrounds it. The FADER is the authority on what’s next.

Since 2006, over 4 million artists have jumpstarted their careers with powerful career management tools and exclusive industry access. all-in-one platform helps artists all over the world connect with fans, venues, festivals, brands, blogs, and labels to advance their careers and grow their audience.

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Just submitted to play @SturgisBuffaloChip during #sturgis . Check out the lineup: https://t.co/uBvcDauiG3 https://t.co/uBvcDauiG3


Paper Airplane

Album Beyond Disorder

On Quick picks.

Check out other artist also on quick picks.


Paper Airplane

Album Beyond Disorder

check out the other artist also on quick picks



Deleted this video by accident.


Release Date 2/25/2024 




We are pleased to inform you that you are nominated for the Glacer FM Listeners Choice Awards (2023). See video

Tell your fans so they can cast their vote for you by submitting the form in the Link eepurl

We wish you all the best!

Corporate Office

Release Date


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CD Review 

By Stephen Blackwell / metal soldiers -

(Review) 20Grit's BEYOND DISORDER CD Rocks.

There music is a Heavy, Dark, Powerful. Awesome Metal/Rock. 

There is not enough words in the dictionary to describe this CD.

*So let go visual. MEET DR. JECKEL and MR. HIDE!!

MR. HIDE rips you apart with pleasure on hard hitting songs like Beyond Disorder, Black Ashes, Come Alive, Nothing Can Stop Me, Round and Round.

Then the good DR. JECKEL sews you up during Sunset Night, Papa and Linda.. Jackie. These songs are masterful compliments blending musical feeling with instrumental technique.

The vocalist blows my mind on Round and Round with the evil dark laugh and then high pitch screams. This mad metal vocalist does not have a range limit.

Then you have Tommy Martin on guitar. He should be on the list of guitar gods. This dude is awesome and sounds like no other. He must be the best-kept secret in metal and rock. His sound is awesome, his playing is awesome, and his solo’s are awesome. I know what I want to be now when I grow up (LOL)


And meet the DR and MR.HIDE

Stephen Blackwell also reviewed Kevin DuBrow lead singer for the band Quiet Riot, Judas Priest, Dokken, Twisted Sister, WARRANT, Leather Wolf, Animal (WASP), Keel, Stryper, Lizzy Borden, Iron Maidens, Guardian, Holy Soldier, Tempest, Stryken, Kings X, Barren Cross, Roxy Petrucci of Vixen, Madem X and her new band Roktopuss, Holy Knight, Blissed, Desyre, Bride, Bloodgood, Saint, Hawk, White Cross, Thor.



coming soon

This album has been remixed.

December 1, 2021


Great compliment for the album and more exposure .

I'm so excited I want to share this with all of you.

I and the team have been carefully following up with the songs you send to us which has been approved by our music panel.

The sheer talent and creative ability you put into your

work are very unique and recommendable. we believe your music has what it takes to be great. It's so damn good we have had a listen to it again you showcased outstanding musicianship at its peak.

Our vision is to give talented unsigned, independent artists and Bands a chance to get more visibility, exposure, and discoveries through our internet radio platform with over 3.9 million daily listeners across 120 countries on Glacer underground FM

Main station:

About us:

glacer fm

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Give us a chance to help you break out in the music industry through the immense exposure we provide on our radio through our various playlist services.

There is an editing fee associated with this service to assist us with costs but this fee comes with great immense exposure services as you already know.


1. Once your song gets added in rotation on the Indie channels, it's also reviewed for quality by industry tastemakers and could be included for popular music programs plus permanent rotation only on Glacer FM's main and genre-specific channels at no additional cost

2. Every song submission is equally considered for charting and nomination for the music awards.

3. Apart from the 3 spins a day on our main station, you also get regular spins on the genre-specific channel and other sites your music will be broadcast that will sum up to about 15 spins a day something no internet radio station in the world will provide you that amount of slots.


I will advise you to put in a submission for the playlist service (15 spins a day for 60 days) This service has given lots of artists and bands a lot of exposure over the past few days. I highly recommend it to you

November 10, 2021


Whatever68radio will play Saturday November 27, 2021

Tune in to this show live on the internet by using the links below

Chat Link

Tune in App for IOS

Radio Forest


band camp

Also check out Let's Talk Punk By Lisa/PunkrPrincess In Punk Globe Magazine 

October 20, 2021


It has been included in this month’s playlist and is airing approximately 3 spins per day.

Your song can be heard between (Monday through Saturday):

12:00am EST 

  1:30am EST

  7:00am EST 

  8:30am EST

  4:30pm EST 

  6:00pm EST


All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST) or New York time. If you live in a different time zone, this link is for a World Time Zone map world time zone

To verify, go to “Rock-Country-Metal Playlist”.  Scroll until you see your song listed. Songs are listed alphabetically.

Thank you for your submission.

Let Your Fans Know They Can Hear Your Music Live:

October 19, 2021


I am very excited about my album getting the exposure it deserve,


  1. Nothing Can Stop Me  

  2. Come Alive 

  3. Black Ashes 

  4. Heroin

  5. Paper Airplane  

  6. Sunset Night 

  7. Looking At You  

  8. Papa

  9. Round And Round  

10. Drag The Chain 

11. Beyond Disorder 

12. Linda Jacky

My reward read below.

Thank you very much for sending us this work for consideration.

Your submission has been approved for exposure by our music review panel.

Carefully read the information below before submitting your music.Music files must be in mp3 or Wav format.

College Underground Radio has over 2.6 MILLION website visitors and listeners around the world. We have multiple stations in different cities so you can either be global with our corporate station or specifically targeted to one of our cities.

College Underground Radio has got the best Mix of Music and Entertainment on the Internet.

Broadcasting twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with over 2.6million website visitors and registered listeners in more than 90 countries.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors and encourage you to submit new releases for exposure.

Tune in to discover the best of new music in all genres

Let me know via email after your submission, so i can follow up with corporate office and get back to you with more insight.

Inform your fans so they can tune in and hear your music live.